Some of my favourite  work.

Easter pancakes

The Botanist's house

The Sandringham Mouse Apartment

The Sandringham Mouse Apartment

The Good Fairy's Cottage

The Good Fairy's Cottage

Advent calendar filled with miniature food and accessories.

Ready for a street party! I really enjoy drawing or painting my own backdrops.

Roast Leg of Pork. Can you believe this is made from polymer clay? I cant and I made it!

So much fun assembling backdrops and clay food to create another imaginary world.

Making a little linen fold chest and painting it to look like it is carved was so enjoyable. I spy another staircase - making and painting them totally fascinates me.

Roast turkey with trimmings

Captains Cottage - preparing Cannelloni

Captains Cottage - that staircase has crept in again.

Grandma's Toffee Shop

The Antique Bookshop diorama.

The Antique Bookshop diorama.

The Antique Bookshop diorama.

The Antique Bookshop diorama. A real exploration of illusion.

I do so love a little bit of illusion in my dioramas.

I'd forgotten how enjoyable it was to make something so fanciful. I think I'll make another soon.

This was my fastest selling diorama, on and sold in a few minutes!

Queen Mary's Castle summer theme.

Queen Mary's Castle suitcase diorama with Christmassy theme.

The Windsor Tea Room

Heidi's Barn

Making sweetcorn look realistic. A challenge.

A Borrowers inspired Fish Bar - The Duck and Anchovy

Creating a feeling of cosines

A trap door in a tree house that was interesting.

Oh the sweet shop so much fun to make.

Underground at Windsor Castle

My Steiner inspired kindergarten. For mice of course!

Another tree house so sweet and very cosy.

Such an enjoyable commissioning

A lovely crepe making stall a lot of detailed work in this piece.

There is an air of calmness in this diorama which I love.

It must be the little hidden staircase that fascinates me. Somewhere imagination can wander.

This was a special commission .

The Stargazey Pie Shop one of my favourites.

This diorama in a tree house setting makes me want to shrink down and enjoy an "Alice" moment of escapism.

Fresh fish so amazing to get textures and colours right.

Another winding staircase!

Again that staircase so inviting.

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